30 Day Loans: Bad Credit Accepted (Fast Approval)

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At ElcLoans we can match you with reputable providers of 30 day loans, and all you have to do is use our quick online form to get started. You could see the cash in your account as soon as the next business day, ideal if you're in an emergency or facing unexpected expenses.

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30-Day Loans Will Give You Breathing Room Until Payday

When we think of loans it's often the large and cumbersome products offered by banks that you're stuck paying off for months. But what if you need a relatively small amount to cover you until your next pay check arrives?

That's where payday loans come in.

30 day Loans

An online payday loan is designed to cover bills, emergencies or upfront purchases that have fallen outside of your monthly budget. It's like a handy advance on your wages but not from your employer.

As long as you know you can repay the loan when you get those wages, it is a very useful method for solving minor financial blips.

The direct lenders in our network issue payday loans for a period of up to 30 days, so those who get paid monthly can benefit. Amounts offered range between $100 and $1,000, and depend on your individual circumstances.

30 day payday loans are obviously a short term commitment and you are expected to make the repayment in one lump sum (plus a single finance charge) thirty days after it is issued – no installments and no confusing interest calculations.

What's more, the application is completed entirely online!

Here's what we do:

Find Multiple Lenders with Streamlined Online Matching

When you're in a tough financial spot you're already under a lot of stress, the last thing you want to do is spend days applying for different loans with different lenders – risking uncertainty and rejection.

That's why we've streamlined the entire process.

At ElcLoans we provide a simple online loan request form that forwards your details to a network of 100 or more lenders in a matter of minutes. We will attempt to match you with one of these and you will then be quickly transferred over to their page where you can complete the application.

The entire process can be done online, with no faxing involved if you have access to digital statements. Simply open our form from your computer, tablet or phone, and fill out your personal details.

Choose how much you want to borrow, tell us who you are and where you live, and let us know your income status, then sit back and wait for the results on screen.

It's not instant approval, but it's as fast as currently possible.

And, if you are made an offer by a lender, you could see the funds in your account in as fast as one business day!

… Let's leave the era of waiting in long lines at the bank and filling on stacks of paperwork in the past.

Hassle-Free Interest and Repayment

One area of borrowing that can often be confusing is interest. Fortunately, because payday loans are designed to be repaid in full with no installments, there's no need to worry about interest in the traditional sense.

To learn more about this, visit our [Rates and Fees] page.

If you are matched through our system and the lender makes you an offer, you will be given a full copy of the terms of the loan before signing the agreement. This will outline everything you need to know – but in general, you will be expected to pay a single finance charge on top of the amount you borrow, both of which are paid in full on the agreed upon date (usually 2 weeks or 30 days, depending on your wage schedule).

During the application, you will also be required to provide your bank account details. This allows the loan to be deposited quickly (often within one business day), and the repayment taken automatically – no need to write any checks or make any manual transfers.

Of course, just because it's so easy to apply doesn't mean a payday loan isn't an important financial obligation. Your loan is regulated at the federal and state level, and failure to make the repayment could result in added interest and fees, and actions to recover what is owed.

We, therefore, advise our users to explore our How It Works and FAQ pages and to read the lender's terms carefully, before committing to a loan.

Note: You are free to walk away at any stage prior to digitally signing a lender's contract, and can re-apply at any time in the future.

If You're a US Adult, You're Eligible

Don't worry about strict eligibility criteria – as long as you're a legal US resident over the age of 18, you are free to submit your details.

Just make sure you have a verifiable source of income (ideally from employment or self-employment) and a bank account where the loan can be deposited and repayment taken.

If you can meet these simple terms, you're good to go!

Bad Credit May Not Be a Barrier

It's easy to feel defeated when banks and other downtown lenders reject your application outright because of a poor credit history. However, there's still a chance with ElcLoans.

Our direct lenders take in to account many factors when you apply (including your income level, employment status, and other personal information), and you will not be automatically rejected because of past struggles.

This doesn't mean there will be 'no credit check' or 'guaranteed approval' as some unscrupulous websites pretend to offer, but it does mean your application will be accepted and fairly assessed. Many people with poor credit have been offered loans through our system.

The upside is that if you do get a loan, you will be able to use it to improve your credit score!

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If payday loans sound like they're for you, then get started now! You can also find out more on our How It Works page, which takes you step by step through the simple online matching and lender application process.

We like our users to be as informed as possible before committing to a loan, that's why we've answered your most common questions on the FAQ page.

You can also learn about how interest and fees are charged on our rates and fees page; however, the exact amount you will be charged is based on your application and local state regulations.

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