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You Deserve It: Second Chance Payday Loans

Have you been rejected by the bank or another lender for a loan?

It can be extremely stressful, especially if you're in an emergency - we've all been there too and know what you're going through.

Good News:

So-called "second chance payday loans" give you another shot at borrowing without the hoops and red tape of the big traditional lenders. We work with a large network of direct lenders who fairly assess all applications and won't reject you automatically, just because you have bad credit.

Submit your details and we'll attempt to match you right away - everyone deserves a second chance!

Want to know more? Then let's take a closer look...

You Could Borrow Between $100 and $1,000 for Any Situation

We've all had times when we've broken the monthly budget and are in need of cash urgently.

Perhaps you're faced with an unexpected bill, need to fund emergency home or car repairs or desperately want to make a large purchase upfront, but your next paycheck is still some weeks away.

Whatever your situation, the direct lenders in our network can offer between $100 and $1,000 to tide you over until payday comes.

These personal loans are also issued with no collateral, meaning you don't have to pledge any of your assets or items of value in case something goes wrong.

second chance payday loans at ElcLoans

What's more, if you are approved you could see the money in your bank account as soon as the next business day!

How's that for speed?

In fact, the process is so simple; you can use our matching service and apply with a lender just by using the browser on your phone - no waiting in line, no awkward meetings or phone conversations and best of all, no tedious paperwork.

Just one simple web form.

But more on that later...

Payday Loans Bridge Gap Between Expenses and Payday

Payday loans are not like regular personal loans that are repaid over several months. They are specifically designed for the working consumer who needs to bridge the gap between expenses and their next paycheck.

Think of them as an advance on your wages, but not from your employer.

The lender will set the repayment date for on or just after your next payday, and you'll be expected to repay it in one full lump sum.

Even simpler, you don't have to worry about interest because there is only one single finance fee that is taken alongside this repayment.

Things to consider:

Do you need cash quickly? Does $100 - $1,000 cover your needs? Can you repay the money when you get your next round of wages?

If yes, then ElcLoans is just what you're looking for. All you have to do is meet a few basic requirements to be eligible:

Even Those with Bad Credit Can Apply

Are you:

  1. Over the age of 18?
  2. A legal US resident and can provide us with an address and contact details?
  3. Employed or otherwise earning a verifiable income of $1,000 or more per month?
  4. Able to accept deposits and debits from your bank account?

Then you are eligible for personal loans from our lenders.

But what about bad credit?

If you're looking for second chance loans, chances are you have a poor credit score and have been rejected elsewhere. While we cannot guarantee you will be matched with or approved by a lender, your application will not be automatically rejected based solely on a credit check.

Other important factors include your employment status and income level, which help lenders determine whether you're capable of repaying the loan on payday.

Many users with bad credit have used our service to successfully obtain loans - so could you - and if you do, that will work to improve your credit score and make it even easier to obtain more credit in the future!

Warning: Websites that make bold promises like ‘no credit checks' or ‘instant/guaranteed approval' are just using misleading marketing language. We like to be honest with our users and believe you will be 100% satisfied with our cutting-edge online service.

Stress-Free and Time-Saving Application

Financial problems and stress go hand in hand, especially when you've spent days applying for loans with different lenders and gotten nowhere.

ElcLoans solves this by tapping you into a network of 100 plus direct lenders with one easy web form.

That's right, simply pull up our loan request page, select how much you need to borrow, let us know about your income and employment, and we'll pass this on to the lenders.

You'll know if you've been matched then and there onscreen.

Next, you will be directed to the lender's page where you may need to enter a few more details and you could know if you've been accepted in a matter of minutes!

Then all you have to do is read the terms of the offer and digitally sign the contract.

It really is that simple...

And if you make sure to apply during the working week and make allowances for bank holidays, in most cases, you should see the cash in your account on the next working day - perfect if you need to pay bills or cover expenses right away.

Myth: Second Chance Payday Loans Are Expensive

Just because you've been rejected elsewhere and are seeking payday loans doesn't mean you're going to be charged excessive interest rates.

All of our lenders are regulated at the federal and state level, and some states have limits on the amount your loan could cost.

Lenders also recognize that charging too much in fees just increases the risk to both parties.

Get This:

You will only be charged one single fee if you repay the loan on the agreed upon date and this will be revealed to you when the lender makes their offer.

You will also receive a full copy of the loan terms and conditions prior to signing the contract, which outlines the repayment date, the amount offered, potential late fees and charges, whether you can renew or extend your loan and all of the lender's other policies.

You can learn more about interest rates, finance charges and how much your loan could cost on our Rates and Fees page.

Note: You are not obliged to accept a loan that has been offered to you, and you can walk away at any time prior to signing the contract. You can also re-apply at any time in the future.

The Best Choice

If you're looking for quick cash with no collateral, ElcLoans is your number one choice. We streamline the application process by forwarding your details to multiple lenders, who will fairly assess your loan application even if you have bad credit.

Submit your second chance payday loan request for $100 to $1,000 today and you could see the money as fast as еthe next business day!