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If you are searching for payday loans online same day deposit, then you probably need cash fast.

The good news:

If we connect you with a lender, you can complete their application on the very next page and you will know within an hour (often sooner) if you have been approved.

In other words, your loan approval could be finalized the same day you use our service.

What's more, you could even borrow money if you have bad credit, as our lenders do not automatically disqualify applicants based solely on their credit score.

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If approved, the lender will then aim to deposit the funds by direct deposit as soon as on the next business day - a quick solution if you're in an emergency.

What Are Same Day Decision Loans?

payday loans online same day

A loan obtained through our network comes in the form of a legitimate payday loan (which is a type of an unsecured personal loan) between $100 and $1,000, depending on the amount you request, your financial situation and the lender's decision.

The lender will then attempt to take repayment on the agreed-upon date - usually within 30 days (on or just after your next paycheck).

Who Are These Loans For?

We all face unforeseen financial emergencies and it can be extremely stressful if you don't have any savings or a credit card to cover the costs.

Fortunately, whether you need to get the car fixed, your children need new clothes, you need to pay an unexpected bill, or you need to purchase something by gave already spent this month's wage - we're ready to try and connect you with a reputable lender.

Payday loans are designed to cover short-term expenses and purchases, bridging the gap until you next get paid.

They are not designed to refinance existing debt or for long-term borrowing.

To use our tool, you must be at least 18 years of age, a legal resident of the United States, with an income of at least $1,000 per month. You must also provide your contact details and financial information, so lenders in our network can make their approval decision.

If you don't have access to a credit card and banks, or large lenders have turned you away - a payday loan from one of our lenders could be a much-needed lifeline.

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Payday Loans Online Same Day Deposit - Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Do Same Day Payday Loans Come with No Credit Checks?

If you're searching for "payday loans online same day", you've probably been rejected elsewhere.

Fortunately, even if you have really bad credit, the lenders in our network will still allow you to submit an application.

This doesn't mean there will be no credit checks, but it does mean they will fairly assess your application and consider all factors, such as your employment status, income level etc.

Because online payday loans come in small amounts and are an emergency short-term commitment, those with poor credit can stand a better chance of getting approved than taking out a large long-term loan from the bank.

The lender's credit check will usually be automated, and you will soon know on screen if you have been approved.

2. What Exactly Do You Do?

Our mission is simple – to connect you with a reputable payday loans lender that can quickly meet your needs and give you that much-needed breathing room.

Having been in the lending industry for many years, ElcLoans became dismayed at the effort borrowers had to make to fill out long-winded forms and how long they had to wait for responses from lenders.

This old application process makes the stress of needing cash needlessly worse.

That's why we designed our service to be quick, efficient, and easy to use.

Instead of filling out physical paperwork and scanning documents, potentially waiting in-line at the bank or sitting on hold on the phone - our process can be completed entirely online with any mobile device.

Instead of having to apply to different lenders one by one, our single web form taps you into a network of over 100 direct lenders.

If we connect you to one of these, we simply transfer you to their online application page where you could be asked to provide a few more details.

As soon as you digitally sign the lender's agreement, you can expect the cash by direct deposit on the next working day.

Facing unexpected bills? Need to make auto or home repairs? Are you a student that needs extra cash, or perhaps you just want to make an upfront purchase?

Our lenders can help, and you won't find a better same day loan decision service than ElcLoans!

3. Can You Get Payday Loans Online with Same Day Deposit?

Note: Any website promising same-day deposits may be misleading you.

It is very rare to find an online loan provider that can deliver a loan the same day you apply.

The way applications are processed, as well as the nature of bank transfers mean that the fastest you can expect a deposit is usually on the next business day.

That's exactly what the lenders in our network strive for!

When completing your cash advance application, you will be asked to provide the details of a checking account in your name, so there is no delay in direct deposit and the lender can automatically take the repayment on the agreed date.

4. Remember: Payday loans are a short-term commitment of no longer than 30 days and the full amount is repaid in one lump sum.

It is important that you have enough funds in your account to cover the repayment.

While same day deposit is not guaranteed, one thing you can be sure of is that you will receive a same day approval decision, unless there is a problem with your application or verifying your details.

5. Where Can I Find Payday Loans Near Me?

The beauty of our online payday loans service is that you do not have to find a local storefront lender or bank branch to apply for a loan.

Our network of lenders is fully accredited and adhere to federal and local state regulations, depending on where you are applying from.

As long as payday lending is legal in your state, you are free to apply from the comfort of your own home using any device with a web browser.

6. Do These Loans Come from Direct Lenders?

Nobody likes to deal with a middle-man, that's why we will attempt to connect you directly with one of our direct lenders.

You will know in a matter of minutes if you have been connected and we will then send you straight to their own application page.

From then on, your application and any subsequent agreement will be directly with the lender.

All of our lenders are certified payday lenders within the United States.

7. Can You Get Guaranteed Loans?

No loan can ever be guaranteed, but if you meet the basic eligibility requirements and fill out our form and lender application accurately, you stand a chance of being approved.

Warning: Some websites like to use misleading marketing language like "guaranteed," "no credit check," or "instant," but the process will still be much the same unless they're cutting corners.

8. Can You Get Instant Loans Online?

It will take a few minutes to see if you are connected with a lender and they themselves need some time to process your application and run a quick credit check.

Our online cash advance service is fast and efficient, and you will know on screen if you are connected to a lender, but we cannot promise instant or guaranteed approval or cash deposit.

9. Do You Help With Loans for Disabled People?

ElcLoans and its lenders do not discriminate - as long as you are an adult US resident, can provide your personal details, and have a stable source of income, you are free to use our loan request form.

If your disability prevents you from working, but you receive a government disability check, our lenders may count this as income and will assess your application like everyone else's.

10. Do You Help With Loans for Students?

While our lenders are not certified to provide student loans for tuition fees, students are eligible to apply for payday loans just like everyone else.

Perhaps you need extra cash for course materials, or have gone over your budget for day-to-day living expenses.

Then payday loan can bridge the gap until you next get paid, your parents send over your allowance, or you get your next government-backed student loan.

Note: Just like any other applicant, you will still need to have a stable income, be that money from a part-time job or another source.

11. Are There Loans for Self Employed People?

The lenders in our network generally require an income of at least $1,000 per month - it does not matter whether this comes from regular employment or self-employment.

In most cases, you will have to provide some documentation to support your self-employed income.

Digital copies of statements can often be attached to your lender application or you may be required to fax them.

12. Can You Get Loans on Low Income?

As part of the application process, you will be asked to provide details about your income.

The lenders in our network typically require applicants to earn at least $1,000 per month to ensure they have enough to make the loan repayment.

This is well below the average monthly wage and can reasonably be considered low-income.

13. Can You Get Same Day Decision Loans for Business?

The lenders in our network do not have a strict policy regarding what you use their payday loans for.

So, while they do not specifically tailor loans to businesses, there is no reason why you can't use one for business purposes.

It may be a solution if your business has a small cash flow problem.

14. Can You Get Same Day Decision Auto Loans?

There is nothing to restrict you from using a payday loan to purchase a vehicle or pay for car repairs - as with all loans from our lenders, you will receive a decision the same day you apply.

You can borrow between $100 and $1,000, so this will not be enough to cover the purchase of a brand-new car, but you can use the fund towards the purchase or it may cover a cheaper pre-owned vehicle.

15. Are There Loans for Pensioners Available?

There is no upper age limit on who can take out a loan via our system, providing they meet lender requirements.

If you are retired and receive a pension of over $1,000 per month, this is an acceptable form of income and may be considered by our lenders.

16. Are There Loans for Those on Benefits?

If you receive government benefits (e.g. for disability), our lenders may consider this as income and extend you a loan, though these benefits along with any other income would typically need to total at least $1,000 per month.

17. Are There Loans for Unemployed People?

In general, our lenders require applicants to be employed or self-employed, earning at least $1,000 per month to ensure they have the means to repay a payday loan on time.

However, there are some circumstances where that income is sourced in other ways.

For example, government benefits or income protection insurance payments.

Those who are retired and receiving a pension also have "income."

In these cases, you may be able to secure loans with no job from our lenders.

18. Can You Get Payday Loans Without a Bank Account?


In order to take advantage of our service and to submit your request for payday loans online same day, you need to have at least a basic checking account in your name.

This allows lenders to deposit funds within one working day and automatically take the repayment on the agreed date.

If you are a legal US resident with an income you are entitled to a bank account and can easily open one within a day.

19. Can You Find Payday Loans with Low Interest?

ElcLoans is not a lender and cannot provide an estimated interest rate. This will be provided by the lender only.

If you are connected to a lender and made an offer, the interest rate you will receive is determined by a number of factors, including the amount of money you wish to borrow, your financial circumstances, and other internal factors.

State regulations may also set limits on interest rates.

The interest rate and how this relates to your finance charge will be made clear to you prior to signing the loan agreement.

20. Can You Take Out Loans Without a Guarantor?


A guarantor is not required to take out a payday loan via our service.

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