Important Benefits Of Online Payday Loans

what the benefits of payday loans are

If you need emergency cash to tide you over until payday, you've probably considered taking out a loan - we've all been there. But what makes online payday loans the ideal choice in this situation?

Speed, simplicity and flexible terms are just some of the benefits, but let's take a closer look at what makes our service and lenders stand out above the rest:

Quick summary of top payday loans benefits to save your time:

  1. Most People Over 18 Are Eligible.
  2. Bad Credit Isn't An Automatic Barrier.
  3. Payday Loans Are Ideal For Temporary Budgeting Hiccups.
  4. No Long-Term Commitments.
  5. Reach Multiple Direct Lenders In One Go.
  6. Fast and Easy Application Process.
  7. Legal and Regulated.
  8. Clear Interest Rates and Terms.
  9. No Checks or Manual Transfers.
  10. Easily Build Your Credit Score.
  11. Your Details are Safe and Secure.

Let us explain in details:

Most People Over 18 Are Eligible

To apply for payday loans online you simply have to be over the age of 18 and a legal resident of the United States. Our lenders also ask that you have a stable and verifiable source of income, of at least $1,000 a month. If you tick those boxes you can get started right away!

Bad Credit Isn't An Automatic Barrier

It can be stressful and disheartening to get rejected automatically by the bank or other lenders because of a poor credit history, however, you are free to use our loan request form regardless of your credit score.

The lenders in our network will fairly assess all applications and other factors such as your employment status and income level are considered before they make a final decision.

They Are Ideal For Temporary Budgeting Hiccups

Whether you're facing an unexpected bill or need to make an upfront purchase, payday loans are ideal for those temporary budgeting issues that can be easily solved when your next paycheck rolls in.

In that scenario do you really want to take out a large loan from the bank? Probably not, and that's why our lenders offer manageable amounts between $100 and $1,000.

No Long-Term Commitments

Usually, when you take out a traditional personal loan you're locked into several months (if not years) of repayments. Payday loans are a short-term commitment without any installments. One single repayment is made on or just after your next payday and then you can move on without having to worry about it.

Reach Multiple Direct Lenders In One Go

We've listened to the complaints of borrowers and one common conundrum is having to approach lender after lender until the ideal solution is found.

This is time-consuming and inefficient, so we developed a loan matching service that taps you into a network of 100 or more payday lenders in one go!

Just submit your details via our loan request form and we'll do the rest. If matched, you will know about it onscreen.

Fast and Easy Application Process

In today's age of technology, the last thing you want to do is meet lenders face to face or mess around with paperwork. Our cutting-edge system allows you to access lenders using just one web form and if matched you might only have to provide a few more bits of information on the lender's page to complete the process.

Matching, credit checks, and approval are all done in the background and you will know onscreen if you have been matched with a lender and an offer is waiting.

What's more, if you apply during the working week you could see the cash in your account in as fast as one day!

This is ideal if you need cash in an emergency.

You can get started right away with your phone's browser.

Legal and Regulated

Payday lending in the United States is a legal form of lending that is regulated federally and on the state level. Lenders are not permitted to overcharge in interest or cut corners when recovering outstanding loans.

All the lenders in our network are fully licensed and accredited and will carry out an assessment on your application to determine the best loan terms for your situation.

Clear Interest Rates and Terms

Before signing any contracts our lenders will clearly outline the amount being borrowed, how much you will be charged, the date of repayment and their other terms of conditions. It is important for you to read the document before proceeding and we also advise you to check out our [how it works] and [FAQ] pages to make sure you fully understand the payday loan process.

Note: Because payday loans are a short-term commitment you will only be expected to pay a single finance charge if you repay on the agreed upon date. There are no monthly installments or ongoing interest payments unless you fail to repay.

No Checks or Manual Transfers

During the application process, you will be asked to provide the details of a checking account in your name. This allows the lender to send the loan via direct deposit and take the repayment automatically - no need for you to write checks or carry out a manual transfer.

Easily Build Your Credit Score

As with all forms of credit successfully repaying your payday loan will give a boost to your credit score, making it easier to obtain loans in the future. What's more, because payday loans are repaid on or just after your next payday (usually no more than 30 days later), you can benefit from this very quickly.

Your Details are Safe and Secure

We and lenders use the latest encryption technology to ensure any details you submit to us are safe and secure. We will also never pass on or sell your details to third parties.

Get Started Right Away!

As long as you have a mobile device that can load our page, you can get started right away - so what are you waiting for?